Final Revision Module For NEET

Critically analyzed and segregated practice question papers. This enables students to practice in an ample amount before the exams, which boosts their confidence. Given our constant endeavors to innovate, the latest version of FRM also has detailed solutions for all those questions made by our Faculty. This Final Revision Module for NEET is an advanced rank booster package that will extend exam Rank.   

Get the full revision before the exam with the Motion Final Revision Module for NEET. In FRM, Printed Solutions are provided with deep analyses of the questions. This package includes a variety of questions for Physics, Chemistry & Biology with their detailed Solutions. 

  • Material Type : Modules (Printed)
  • No. of Modules : 3 Modules
  • No. of Pages : 320+ Pages
  • Tracking Details you can get with Customer Support on: 80038-99585

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