Comprehensive ADLP Package With EDU-TAB For NEET

Price: 38500

MOTION Edu-Tab is a single destination platform for your complete entrance exam preparation. This tab consists of all the NEET video lectures, online test series and classroom study material.

Self-paced study: Study at your own pace and convenience. Speed-up or slow-down based on your level of preparation.

Repetitive learning: Access topic-wise lectures based on your requirements and preparation schedule.

Detailed approach: In-depth topic-wise illustration on best practices of your competitive exam preparation. Proper

Focus: Concentrate and improve upon your weak areas or topics.

Proper time allocation: Manage time & attention on topics based on self-analysis.

Comprehensive solution: Complete conceptual clarity through different illustrations. One-stop-solution: Basics to advanced level concept building under one roof.

Increase problem-solving speed & accuracy: Get rigorous practice with thousands of solved examples. 

Master important concepts: Learn faster and better with 300+ highlighted Concepts including tips & tricks, notes, facts and points-to-remember. Formula Sheet for all topics – Get the list of important formulae and scoring points.

Simulated tests to provide an experience of the real exam: Tests features all the question formats that have appeared in entrance examinations to ensure that you get experiences that are as close to the exam as possible.

Insightful reports to pinpoint your weakness areas: SPR provides an instant report on completion of each assessment to help you understand the concepts you're struggling in and suggestions on how you could improve them.

Detailed solutions to help you learn as you practice: SPR provides question-wise analysis on assessments taken by you to help you understand the mistakes you've made along with detailed recommendations to help improve your performance.

  • Material Type: Modules (Printed) + USB (Pendrive) + Tablet Device (I - Ball)
  • Size of USB: 4 PD- (32 GB) + 1 PD - (16 GB)
  • Total Weight: Appx: 200 GM
  • No. Of Modules : 34 Modules - (WE*H*WI*L : 11.50 kg, 5 cm, 1.1 cm and 0.5 cm.)
  • I - Ball Tablet : 7" inch, 1 GB RAM, 3500 mAh Battery, Phone Calling Functiion
  • USB Model: Sandisk Basic
  • Primary Color: Black & Red
  • Knock Down: Delivered in combined package, installation by Technical Support on: 80038-99585


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  • SAKSHI 2019-08-19 06:55:07 PM

    This package has been very helpful for me and after joining the distance learning program ..motion team supported to me always so thank you all ....